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Charles M Schulz must be spinning in his grave ;)

I just have one question:

Is Princess Bubblegum wearing underwear or short shorts in that photo?

sweetcommando responds:

out of every single questionable thing in this toon, you ask that?

I actually dont know what shes wearing. lol

Ah, yes, a classic case of "entirely missing the point".

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I liked this game, the concept is interesting enough, and I had fun figuring out the solutions.

In response to TesloStep's comment (SPOILERS if you haven't reached level -1 yet):

1. First, what you want to do on level -1 is, make sure that you have no lives, and that the second digit of your score is 7--e.g. 07, 17, etc. (I'm not sure about the no lives part, but do so just in case)

2. After that, turn the music off, then jump on the enemies. (Again, I'm not sure that you have to turn the music off, but do it just in case) Then use the score tiles to get to the 1-up.

3. If you've done this right, the second digit of your score should now be 4--e.g. 14, 24, etc. Use the score tiles to jump onto the spikes (the second digit should now be 3) and then use the sole 1-up to revive yourself (the second digit should now be 2).

4. The second time the countdown begins, wait for it to count down to 4, and you should get to level -2. Once there, simply ignore the 1-up (I don't know if getting the 1-up counts, but ignore it just in case), drop onto the spikes, wait for the countdown to finish, and you should get a "The Real End" message.

Hope this helps!

I tried to like this game, I really did, but unfortunately, it gets to hard too quickly, which forces the player to grind, which I, of course, detest in a game. For the next version of this, try decreasing the amount of damage the enemies give, and also try decreasing their health so players have an easier time getting through the game. Just some friendly constructive criticism.

GMR516 responds:

Yeah, no worries. The game isn't for everyone. Just a little tip/thingy, I've gotten through the entire game without any powers at all, so it's definitely possible. Just gotta learn the combos I guess.

Thanks for playing!

I enjoyed this game, or rather, what I could access of it. At a certain point (I don't remember the exact name of the shark) my hand just got too tired to go on. That said, you might want to add an "easy/casual" mode that has it so that you can simply hold the mouse button to lift the shark.

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Is that her underwear?! ;)

Kayla-Na responds:


Well, at least we now know what kind of underwear you wear XD

Hey, that girl's got a nice butt!

...Of course, that's the lolicon in me talking...

Anyway, good job! Keep up the good work!

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